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Sign Up for a Free Trial of MapSavvy, a Web-based WMS

MapSavvy is an affordable Web based WMS (Web Mapping Service) that offers access to high-resolution aerial imagery that can be integrated into GIS & CAD drawings, proposals, visual analyses & more.

There’s nothing like trying something to understand it. We invite you to sign up for this free trial of MapSavvy, and see how it can help you power up your GIS apps, CAD apps, presentations, research reports, and visual depictions of data to see trends & patterns.

By the way, MapSavvy costs just $500 for a user license that supports up to 5 users. Under this license, the five users can each access up to 4,000 WMS requests per year (total of 20,000 WMS requests per year). Additional users can be added to the license for $100 each, with an additional 4,000 WMS requests available per each additional user added to the license. Volume discounts are available for more than 10 users.

MapSavvy Web Based WMS Free Trial

Fill out this form to sign up for a free 30-day trial of MapSavvy. Or you’re welcome to purchase MapSavvy.

Visit the MapSavvy Product Info page to learn more about MapSavvy’s capabilities.

Learn more about MapSavvy and USA-based OnTerra Systems.

Learn more about the many ways MapSavvy aerial imagery can be used in the MapSavvy Knowledge Center.

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