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MapSavvy – An Affordable, Easy-To-Use Bing Maps WMS

If you’ve been looking for a source of affordable web map imagery,
consider MapSavvy, an affordable Bing Maps WMS!

What is the MapSavvy Bing Maps WMS?

MapSavvy – from USA-based OnTerra Systems – is a web mapping platform that provides an inexpensive way to access Bings maps images. Web map imagery generated by MapSavvy can be incorporated into presentations, proposals, development plans, research reports, GIS applications, CAD applications, and provides easy visual analysis of patterns or trends. These images are OGC-compliant.

MapSavvy is ideal for:

GIS & CAD Applications

Research Teams

Government Use

MapSavvy: An Affordable Bing Maps WMS:
$500 per year for 5 users & 20K WMS Requests!


There are plenty of base map image service providers. But MapSavvy has them all beat. Why? MapSavvy’s combination of standards-based access and affordable price is a welcome option for:

  • GIS & CAD teams
  • Research teams on a budget
  • Government organizations that want to spend taxpayer dollars wisely.

For just $500 per year, you can use up to 20,000 WMS requests for 5 users – i.e. 4,000 WMS requests per user, per year!

MapSavvy = 5 Web Map Imagery Options

MapSavvy currently offers 5 options for webmaps imagery: Original & New Ortho Aerial Imagery Layer, Road Layer & a Hybrid Original & New layer that combines both!

Development Project Community Engagement Process | Aerial Imagery Service
Red rocks aerial view

MapSavvy = Integrates with Many GIS & CAD Applications

MapSavvy is designed from the ground up to easily be used in many GIS & CAD applications. If your software can connect to a public GIS web server, then it can connect to MapSavvy!
Here’s a list of some the applications into which MapSavvy images can be imported:



Bentley MicroStation

And Many More!…


Global Mapper


And Many More!…




And Many More!…

MapSavvy: A Bing Maps WMS Ideal for MANY Applications

Any endeavor that requires detailed maps or high-resolution imagery for GIS/CAD projects, presentations, proposals, or visual analysis will benefit from MapSavvy. Here’s a look at just some of the many industries & governmental organizations that find MapSavvy invaluable.

Aerospace Oil & Gas Pipeline Planning
Agriculture (Farm Management) Mining
Architecture Real Estate Development
Aviation Retail chains
Defense Industries Surveying
Dredging Telecommunications
Engineering Tourism
Environmental Consulting Wireless Communications
GIS Developers

Earth Mapping

Environmental Research

Oceanic Research

University Research Departments

Wildlife Mapping

Census Bureaus

City Planning

Public Safety Communications (Fire/EMS)

Homeland Security

Law Enforcement


Transportation Planning

Utility Planning

I don’t need a free trial. Sign me up!

Why Choose MapSavvy?

MapSavvy is a powerful, affordable Bing Maps WMS. Here’s a quick look at why you should choose MapSavvy for your web map imagery needs:


MapSavvy costs $100 per year for a minimum of 5 users (total: $500). In contrast, many other aerial imagery or satellite imagery services cost up to $1,000 per year, or more. MapSavvy is HALF the cost.


For just $500 per year, your team can access up to 20,000 WMS requests for 5 users, or 4,000 WMS requests per year, per user.


MapSavvy is really easy to use & saves time.


MapSavvy has thousands of customers worldwide, and from all walks of life and work. The common denominator is that they love MapSavvy. They really love the price, too!

MapSavvy is OGC-compliant. This means it’s designed and adheres to current web mapping protocols defined by the Open Geospatial Consortium – an international not-for-profit organization committed to making quality open standards for the global geospatial community. These standards improve the ability to share the world’s geospatial data.

MapSavvy Premium

MapSavvy Premium offers an advanced projection Bing Maps WMS service, which provides the same OGC-compliant WMS in native custom-specified map projections, opposed to the standard web mercator projection, with support for thousands of EPSG codes on-demand.  MapSavvy Premium is available at additional cost, contact the MapSavvy team for more information and pricing.

MapSavvy – An Affordable Solution for Obtaining Web Map Imagery!

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