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How To Stop Wasting Money on Web Map Images By Switching To MapSavvy

We talked last month about how MapSavvy helps recession proof your organization, and this month, we’re talking about a related theme: how to stop wasting money on web map images by switching to MapSavvy.

This notion to stop wasting money is a basic principle of the famed Toyota Production System, also known as TPS. The Toyota Production System has been adopted by companies worldwide, with managers putting TPS principles to work in ways that help their unique business, non-profit, or government agency.

Let’s start by talking about one of the basic principles that makes the Toyota Production System so powerful & effecitve: the ruthless elimination of waste. By that, we mean rooting out and eliminating wasted money, wasted effort & wasted time.

This concept does not mean being pennywise & pound foolish. If your workers need pens, paper, new software, or a new tool to do their jobs, you should get them what they need to do their jobs. The TPS sytem of eliminating waste has more to do with:

  • Reviewing expenditures to make sure you’re not paying too much for what you buy
  • Reviewing processes to make sure you’re not duplicating efforts and wasting time

MapSavvy helps organizations that make use of web map images implement this TPS principle of rooting out and eliminating waste.

How does MapSavvy accomplish this? Simply put, MapSavvy provides the same web map images offered by many other web map services at half the price.

MapSavvy also helps businesses, research teams & government agencies stop wasting money by saving time. Instead of having to review multiple web map databases to find the image you need for a CAD drawing, a report, or a research graphic, you can find what you need in one easy-to-use web map library (MapSavvy). Thus, MapSavvy saves time and helps organizations stop wasting money spent on staff time or contract labor.

How Does MapSavvy Help Organizations Stop Wasting Money

MapSavvy helps businesses, research teams & government agencies stop wasting money by offering a flat fee of $500/year for thousands of web map image searches. In contrast, many other web map services charge double that cost, or their pricing model means you end up with surprise bills that are far more than you anticipated.

Brought to you by USA-based OnTerra Systems, MapSavvy is based on Bing Maps web map images. Also of note, Bing Maps has introduced thousands of acres of new web map images of the planet in the past 12 months. This means you’re paying half the price of many web map services for some of the most up-to-date imagery available today.

How Do Organizations Use the MapSavvy Web Map Service?

Businesses, research teams & government agencies typically use MapSavvy to find web map images they need to incorporate into presentations, CAD drawings, or research reports. Here are some sample applications:

  • Architects: Use MapSavvy web map images for architectural drawings, design plans & presentations to clients & the public.
  • City Planners: Use MapSavvy images to help citizens understand where a proposed new development would be located, in the context of the rest of the urban infrastructure.
  • Law Enforcement Officials: Use MapSavvy to plot patterns & solve crimes.
  • Public Safety Officials: Use MapSavvy to plot the course of wildland fires and develop emergency management response plans.
  • Research Teams: Use MapSavvy to create an overhead view web map and then populate that map with data such as the location of wildlife, animal migration patterns, and more.

Regardless of the type of organization in which you work, you can still apply one of the main principles of the Toyota Production System: the disciplined & steady elimination of wasted money and/or wasted time. You can do this by reviewing how and where you’re spending money and get bettter pricing on the goods & services you buy each year. You can review your processes, find & eliminate any area where your staffers are duplicating efforts. If you need web map images for your daily work, you can stop wasting money by using MapSavvy as your go-to source for web map images.

Want to give MapSavvy a test drive? Try our free, 14-day Trial.

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