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MapSavvy Provides Affordable Aerial Imagery For Use As Scientific Research Tools

As scientists are studying biology, wildlife migration patterns, geological changes to the earth, and more, one of the most important scientific research tools they need is aerial imagery.

Why Aerial Imagery Has Emerged as One of the Most Powerful Scientific Research Tools

When researchers are working to understand complex patterns of behavior and migration from endangered animals, how the landscape changes after hurricanes, earthquakes & floods, and other research endeavors, a picture is truly worth a thousand words. As affordable aerial imagery has come on line through web mapping technologies like, it’s used has increased exponentially in the scientific and research communities. Here’s why:

  • Aerial imagery provides the ability to see connections, patterns & changes that a text document or research paper does not.
  • Aerial imagery can provide potent Before-After comparisons.
  • Aerial imagery is available in real time, as well as historic images of the same area over a period of time.
  • Aerial imagery is a powerful tool that can be used to CONVEY research results, especially to non-scientific audiences.

Why MapSavvy Has Emerged as One of the Most Popular Scientific Research Tools

MapSavvy has emerged as one of the most popular scientific research tools for a very practical reason. Quite literally, it’s one of the most affordable sources of aerial imagery for government and academic researchers on the market today.

Instead of charging separately by region for aerial imagery, or by type of image needed (current, past, with roads overlaid, etc.) as many aerial imagery services do, MapSavvy costs a flat fee of $500 per year. For that $500 cost, researchers can access:

  • Worldwide images
  • The most recent aerial imagery
  • Historical aerial imagery to be used for comparison
  • Aerial imagery with roads indicated

Government and academic researchers who need scientific research tools like aerial imagery should be looking at MapSavvy as the best blend of price plus depth & breadth of aerial imagery that will help them conduct their research.

Want to learn tips on how to buy aerial imagery services? Access our new MapSavvy Web Mapping Buying Guide to learn the ins and outs of buying aerial imagery for your research needs.

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