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MapSavvy: A Potent Climate Change Tracker Tool

As researchers work to understand the complex interactions on the planet as the climate changes, they need a climate change tracker tool to compare and contrast how much the planetary systems are morphing. MapSavvy has emerged as a powerful tool for helping climate researchers understand the rate of change taking place on this planet.

How Does MapSavvy Help As A Climate Change Tracker

To assess the rate of change taking place on the planet, you have to have “Before” pictures to compare to “After” pictures of the same area. There are many other ways to measure changes occurring on the planet based on instrumentation. But there’s nothing like a visual comparison of what an area used to look like and compare it to what’s happening in real time.

That’s where MapSavvy comes into play. Since MapSavvy provides the ability to access aerial images that go back in time, at specific time intervals, researchers can access aerial imagery of an area from a specific time in the past, and compare with a new aerial image of what’s happening now. When compared to current photos of an area, it provides an immediate visual comparison of the level of change.

What Can MapSavvy Do As A Climate Change Tracker?

Here are just a few examples of how researchers can use MapSavvy in their climate change research. MapSavvy’s “before” images can help researchers assess how:

  • Glaciers are receding
  • Ice sheets are melting
  • Snow cover is decreasing
  • Oceans are rising
  • Coastlines are changing
  • Tree canopies & forests are changing
  • Vegetation is changing

MapSavvy: An Affordable Climate Change Tracker Tool

It’s no secret that many researchers and/or research organizations have to work on tight budgets, and specific grants. One of the needs of the research community is to be able to access the aerial images they need for their research, but not break the bank or the research project’s budget.

MapSavvy provides one of the most flexible & cost-effective sources of aerial imagery needed as part of a climate change tracker program. And while many aerial imagery services charge thousands of dollars per year, and often for limited geographic scope of web images, costs just $500 as a starting point.

Interested in learning more about how MapSavvy can be used as a climate change tracker tool? Visit:, or try our Free, 14-day trial.


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