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OnTerra Systems Announces New MapSavvy Aerial Imagery from HERE Maps

While MapSavvy traditionally has offered the most affordable aerial imagery solely from Bing Maps, OnTerra Systems has just announced the availability of new MapSavvy aerial imagery from HERE Maps as well as Bing.

This new MapSavvy aerial imagery allows users to have three sources of aerial imagery: Original & Current Bing Imagery and a whole new global map imagery data source from HERE Maps. This new offering provides even more comprehensive options for access to basemaps anywhere on the globe.

This new MapSavvy aerial imagery provides 3 new aerial imagery options from HERE Maps, including:

New MapSavvy HERE Maps Layer 1: Aerial imagery (ortho imagery)

This imagery layer yields straight up and down pictures of the earth mostly from satellites, and the resolution varies between 30-50 cm per pixel.

New MapSavvy HERE Maps Layer 2: Hybrid Layer

This imagery is similar to the Bing Maps Hybrid layer, i.e., an ortho imagery layer shows the basemap imagery with HERE road network data and labeled cities and towns layered on top. Hybrid aerial imagery makes it easier to orient to the imagery being viewed because of the context of roads, cities, and towns that are identified in the image.

New MapSavvy HERE Maps Layer 3: Terrain Layer

This terrain layer provides topographical information with a hybrid map containing road network and place names imposed on a grayscale elevation hill shade. This hybrid topographical layer shows a general view of the relative terrain and elevation, including undulations in the land, as well as hills and mountains.

New MapSavvy Aerial Imagery Layers Provide More Imagery Choices

The benefit of MapSavvy now offering aerial imagery from HERE Maps is more choice, according to OnTerra Systems President Steve Milroy.

“The addition of HERE Maps imagery into MapSavvy provides users with more options to view aerial imagery for their GIS or CAD applications,” he said. “Imagery captured for HERE Maps will have been captured at a different time than aerial imagery captured for Bing Maps. By offering even more “vintages” of aerial imagery in MapSavvy, people can view aerial imagery taken at different points in time, which is helpful in depicting Before-After scenarios,” he said.

Pricing of the New MapSavvy Imagery Offering Costs a Fraction of What Other Vendors Are Charging

MapSavvy has been so successful because it provides aerial imagery worldwide for a mere $500/year. Businesses, government & cash-strapped researchers have flocked to MapSavvy because it costs a fraction of what other aerial imagery providers are charging.

For those already deploying the latest version of MapSavvy as their go-to source for aerial imagery, users will see the new aerial imagery layers from HERE Maps which are watermarked. When the new offering from HERE Maps is purchased, the watermarking disappears.

MapSavvy-Bing and MapSavvy-HERE Maps each cost a flat fee of $500 per year (a fraction of what other companies are charging). MapSavvy users who want access to both sets of imagery get a $100 discount, or $900 for both options.

Need worldwide aerial imagery for considerably less than what other vendors are charging? Check out the MapSavvy Free Trial and start saving money on your aerial imagery.

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